Empower yourself with an entrepreneurial mindset and accountants who get it.


Marjorie And Dale

When we’re not working on profit planning, tax strategies or solving business problems….


……we’re helping family businesses (and the entrepreneurs who love them) meet small business requirements and making sure there’s plenty of fuel for the entrepreneurial fire.


What do you want out of your accounting partnership?

  • A 30K’ perspective to accelerate your value and vision.
  • Trusted experts get the job done, keep your company primed, and your families supported.
  • Building a Legacy Family Business: get a guide and confidante to show you the way
  • Team players that aren’t afraid to make bold decisions, take ownership over problems, or go the extra mile to make absolutely sure that taxes are mitigated and systems are implemented with ease and effectiveness so that….
    • Revenue, profits, and personal income are aligned
    • Bank accounts (and partners!) are happy
    • Expenses are appropriate and healthy
    • Taxes are minimized

If you need solutions to your problems, to overcome your obstacles, and the people to protect your profits, we are at your service. 

We specialize in business growth for family businesses, which is a blend of all things accounting, entrepreneurial tax and growth planning services (…and everything a family business needs to thrive).

Accountants are team players, in both advisory and assistance. We help you: 

  1. Work through anything currently unsustainable: evaluate and solve accounting problems.
  2. ID the right systems and workflow to fit in seamlessly and successfully with your team. We keep it painless.
  3. Overcome filing demands so you can focus on keeping your family cared for. 

Paying the least amount in taxes is only the first step to financial and time freedom.

For family businesses (and the entrepreneurs who love them) that need a clear path to profitability that is in total alignment with their goals and values. We know because our business is also a family business. So for us, providing support and business guidance to family businesses is personal. We treat our client’s company like it was our own. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing entrepreneurship grow and achieve full potential.

Proactive and practical advice, at your service. 

Because we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, we always take our time to get to know your business. Whether you want to save time, improve your cash flow, minimize your taxes, or strategically plan for your business expansion, Marlandale is ready.

Family business is the best of both worlds.

Helping our clients fortify an enterprise that will abundantly support their family and live life on their own terms since 1990.

Team Marlandale

The secret behind Marlandale’s successful practice is our consistent dedication to accounting expertise, systems innovation, and personalized support.

Meet Marjorie

CPA and Chief Innovation Officer | Who says accountants can’t be creative? If they say that, they haven’t met Marjorie! Her knowledge of business and growth strategies for entrepreneurs also includes things like helping them plan for life events such as retirement or college. Marjorie is passionate about helping small business owners achieve more than they ever thought possible and give them back time to spend with their family and doing what they love. Read more about Marjorie.

Meet Dale

Chief Technology Officer and Director of Adventure | Beach bum, adventurer, world traveler, business developer, and technology wiz-kid, Dale is the backbone of operations and technology services. With extensive knowledge in project management, and technology application/integration, his touch is on everything we do. Lucky us!

Our Team

From our family-owned business to yours. | Nimble team of accounting experts, business growth specialists, and tax saving strategists, at your service. We are adventurers, fishers, and RV enthusiasts ready to help you find balance no matter the pitch of your pace. Team Marlandale is here to help our clients keep more money in their pockets and time in their schedules.  

Want to grow your business? We can help you and your business